Credit Union Vendor Management

A CUSO Solution for Vendor Management


Our focus and passion at CUVM is to significantly reduce or eliminate the burden associated with managing vendor relationships and to help our credit union clients be compliant with vendor due diligence and minimize their vendor risk.

CUVM was developed as a CUSO by a group of credit unions, vendors and industry professionals to provide a reliable outsourced solution for vendor management and due diligence. As credit unions expand the practice of outsourcing parts of their business, it is essential to identify, assess, monitor, and manage vendor relationships.

The CUVM model does this by using a combination of proprietary technology and personal service. In addition our price point makes it easy for credit unions to utilize our full range of services.



A CUSO Solution for Vendor Management

Mike Williams, CEO of Colorado Credit Union stated, “What a great solution! We are so pleased with the services of CUVM and feel they help us to significantly reduce our burden for vendor due diligence. In addition, their technology is flexible and easy to use. “

Steve Kelly, CEO of Metrum Community Credit Union stated, " The biggest benefit for our credit union has been the early email notifications for contract expirations coming up. In other words, no more renewal or auto-renewal notifications missed. CUVM’s automation means I am prepared well in advance of the contract renewal dates so that I can re-negotiate or compare vendors in plenty of time. It has already saved the credit union thousands of dollars a year and helped me to be on top of my vendor relationships. CUVM is a great resource for vendor management!"

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