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Self Service Solution

Ventelligence, an automated system provides solutions and tools for organizing, assessing risk, tracking, monitoring third-party agreements, and ensuring critical document retrieval. Ventelligence self-service takes it a step further by providing strategic purchasing services that employ money-saving strategies and foster a competitive environment for vendors, resulting in significant credit union cost reductions.

Program Benefits

  • Simplify the Storage & Retrieval of Contracts, Risk Assessments, & Due Diligence Data
  • Standard Risk Assessment & Due Diligence Templates Based on NCUA Website
  • Avoid a Lapse in Service or a Commitment to a Service that May Not Be Needed
  • Eliminate Automatic Renewals which Can Lead to Increased Pricing

Program Features

  • Web-Accessed Comprehensive Contract Database
  • Custom Management Reports with Dashboard Management Tools
  • Customizable Risk Assessment & Due Diligence Templates
  • Automated Triggers/Notifications for Complete Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Automated Risk Scoring Based on the Complexity & Exposure of Each Relationship
  • Comprehensive User Guides & Ongoing Support Services

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